Ukrainian Bride Traditions

diciembre 27, 2023

In addition to the established marriage meeting at the registration office, it is customary to hold a few standard events if you are planning a Ukrainian wedding. The pair ukrainian mail order bride is presented with a circular white breads loaf and water during the otsitki. A piece of food is supposed to be broken off, dipped in sodium, and eaten by the couple. The more the breads is broken, the better, because it represents a longer, happy marriage. They are then supposed to crush the rest. The honeymooners are also given a towel to move on as they leave the festival house. This is meant to be the first glimpse into their upcoming home.

The newlyweds are pampered by the family’s ( starosty ) on a rushnyk-style embroidered cloth. A short while before the official ceremony, this occurs. If the families are feeling dramatic, they might even try to deceive the Bride into paying a okay by bringing out an imitation.

On the day of the wedding ( Saturday or sunday ), the house would become prepared. Plants and food were picked, food was prepared, and cooking began, typically making korovai, a unique ritual bread made of dough and decorated with purple with animals, plants, and creatures. It was traditionally made by women who were regarded as having selected traits, including that they were never widows, healthy children, and wealthy.

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